Quality Inspection

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Rebond works collaboratively with our customers to continually improve our manufactured parts, technical services and customer services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Quality Management System includes:

Employees Training

All employees are trained and assessed in accordance with our Quality Manual.

Material Purchase

We only purchase materials from our approved and reliable material vendors.

Material Inspection

We inspect and record all receiving materials to insure the quality of manufactured products.

All Phases of the Production Process

We conduct below procedures to ensure product compliance:

  • A team of skilled engineers will highlight any potential issues with manufacturing your part when we receive your inquiry. A detailed design for manufacturability (DFM) review will be done for tooling inquiry. Curious on how they look like? Just send your parts and we’ll prepare one for you.
  • In-process quality audits and a full FAIR (first article inspection report).
  • Full inspection report for the final part.


All measuring instruments throughout our operations must be carefully constructed and calibrated before using.

Document Control

All documents are documented and controlled through our ERP system, which are only available to people who require those confidential documents to fulfill their job responsibilities. This insures your intellectual property and document correctness.

Non-Conforming Product

All of our products are inspected and the inspection data will be record in the inspection report before delivery to minimize the possibility of defects. Do contact us immediately with pictures if you are not satisfied with parts when you receive them. We will investigate the root reason and have parts reworked or repaired at the first time.