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Rebond is the expert in perfectly interpreting customer engineering drawings and producing beautiful, good parts. We are confident that we can achieve the precise color, texture, or gloss desired after years of experience.

Finishing can be used for protection, decoration, and other uses. For example, you may want to anodize a part to protect it from eroding or laser etch the surface of the part to add the logo or text on it. Rebond offers a broad spectrum of finishing services that can be tailored to meet the specifications of your product design, our experts will also guide you to make sure the specified finish is compatible with your material, tolerance, and expected look. Some of our basic finishing services include the following:

  1. Sanding and Polishing
  2. Painting & Color Matching
  3. Blasting and Anodizing
  4. Brushing and Knurling
  5. Electroplating
  6. Laser Etching and Laser Engraving
  7. UV Coating and Powder Coating

If you need a finishing that Rebond does not list in above links, please submit the details through our quote web form or send emails to, we’ll get back to you ASAP.