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Rapid Prototyping China

What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid prototyping involves a group of manufacturing techniques that utilize 3D computer-aided design (CAD) data to quickly fabricate high-quality physical products. Prototypes are used to accurately gauge manufacturability and other considerations before making the decision to move to more functional testing. Without the need of building a hard tool, rapid prototyping creates parts in much quicker time frame and at cheaper prices, saving clients’ money and time.  Many of our clients need to produce a physical part quickly because the key to any product development process is fast time to market, that is to say, capturing a fleeting opportunity is important to them.

Rapid Prototyping Services

The processes include CNC machining, SLA, SLS, and Vacuum Casting.

  • CNC machining is a widely-used manufacturing process for plastic and metals, such as ABS, PA, PMMA, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, and etc.
  • SLA and SLS are two widely used 3D printing technologies for plastic parts.
  • Vacuum Casting starts by using polyurethanes and silicone molds. The process utilizes a variety of resins, including engineering grade plastics to produce high-quality prototypes for customers.

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping 

Here are 4 benefits a rapid prototyping service can help you get your product to market quickly and efficiently:

  • Gauge product performance before production much faster and much cheaper when compared with other conventional prototyping technologies.
  • Refine and perfect your product so that you can move to production stage without worries.
  • Present your ideas to your clients or investors with a cheap but high quality physical models.
  • Get the appearance, dimensions and features of your product by actually touching and observing.

Rapid prototyping is new technology which makes use of the 3D computer aided design to have fast fabricated high quality product for the buyer, which makes use of the accurately gauge manufacture with best support and service. On the other hand, This Rapid prototyping China can build product with hard tools in faster manner and even it has time frame with the additional feature. Then it will be available in cheaper prices for saving the money of the client and the time spending on manufacturing. There are number of clients wish to deliver the physical part faster, because it is very important to have any product development method in market faster. By using Rapid Prototyping, you can get major benefits. For example, it performs before production and also costs cheaper than other prototyping method.

It is a refined as well as perfect product that can move to production stage without meeting any trouble. Rapid prototyping china can present your ideas to client with the lower price and high quality physical models in a fine manner. It can get appearance, dimension and other features by observing and touching. On the other hand, it offers the SLA and SLS prototypes in a variety of the plastic material and SLA prototyping is fast way to produce with the Support of the ABS prototype.

We are specialize in the offering such material. We manufacture different range of best quality products. So it will be more comfortable to provide the amazing support and solution for the customer. Our major service the CNC machining is commonly manufacturing the process for the major metal and plastic such as ABS, PMMA, Stainless steel, Brass and much more. Apart from that the rapid prototyping china makes use of the SLA and SLS which is highly developed 3D printing technology for plastic parts and it provides the amazing support and solution for the customer to remodel with no risk and trouble.

Why Choose Rebond?

With a wide variety of materials, advanced equipment and professional engineers, Rebond continually strives to optimize our production flow in order to provide customers with cheap rapid prototyping services. With over 12 years in the business, we take pride in offering clients high quality and good customer satisfaction among rapid prototyping China companies.

Rebond is not only a rapid prototyping company, but also provides low-volume production service for parts which quantity is up to hundreds or thousands of units. We offer one-stop services for you so that you can move to full production from rapid prototyping stage in a quicker way.