Materials Selection

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Rebond utilizes a wide range of audited material suppliers and performs regular vendor appraisals. All of our raw materials are fully traceable all the way back to the foundry. We have a wide breadth of experience in machining various materials including bar, billet, sheet and castings.


Aluminum: 5052 /6061/ 6063 / 6082 / 7075 / etc.

Brass: H59/H62/C360/C385/C510/C932/etc.

Stainless Steel: 303/304/316/410/412/etc.

Steel Alloy: AISI 1045/AISI 1020/Carbon Steel/bearing steel/Spring Steel/etc.

Metal alloy: Titanium Alloy/Magnesium alloy/Zinc alloy.




Other Material: Silicon rubber

Here are a few tips for material selection:

Dimensional tolerance holding is configuration and material dependent. Metals allow for parts of higher tolerance than plastics.

Machined plastics do not have the similar stability as an identical metal component. Plastic components are influenced over the long term by many factors, including thermal change, moisture absorption, and UV aging.

Designing parts to be suitable for Sheet Metal generally costs lower than machining plate or rod. Also, sheet metal forming parts can be formed into various shapes and can sustain simple or complex bends.

If the required order volume is high, plastics costs much less expensive than metals.

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