Vacuum Casting

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Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting Overview

Polyurethane vacuum casting is a process to deliver high quality, precise prototypes or low-mid volumes parts without expensive hard tooling. The desired surface finish will depend on the original master model. The finished dimensions will depend upon the master pattern, the geometry of part and the casting resin being used. Generally speaking, a shrinkage rate of 0.15% is to be expected.

Vacuum Casting Process

There are three steps to making polyurethane vacuum casting parts:

  1. Building a “master pattern” as the template for a silicone mold. Typically, master patterns are made by Stereolithography (SLA) or CNC machining.
  2. Pouring liquid silicone around the master pattern within a casting frame to create a mold. One cured, the mold is cut and the master pattern is removed, leaving behind a cavity to cast parts.
  3. Creating polyurethane parts by filling the mold with liquid polyurethane and placing them under vacuum and heat to cure. A silicone mold typically lasts for 15-25 parts.

Material of Vacuum Casting

We offer a wide array of casting materials. They can be either soft, flexible, or extremely rigid depending on the property of material used. Casting resins can also be painted or pigmented to get the custom color. It is also possible to make parts that are smooth, textured, or frosted according to clients’ requirements.

Advantages of Vacuum Casting

  • Relatively lower mold cost but same production level quality when compared with expensive hard tooling.
  • Rapid turnaround of getting casted parts.
  • A wide variety of polyurethane materials in different hardness is available.
  • A silicone mold can cast about 15-25 parts, making it suitable to produce low-volume production from 1 to 100+ pieces of parts.
  • Casted parts are highly accurate and consistent.
  • Perfect functionality and excellent surface finish make polyurethane cast part a premier choice for consumer testing, marketing evaluation and prototype models.

Getting Durable Vacuum Casted Parts in Rebond

In general, polyurethane cast parts have similar durablity and quality leave as injection molded pieces. Need high-quality, end-user parts in short time? Send the email to today for more information about vacuum casting.