CNC Tuning Services

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CNC Tuning

Rebond CNC Turning Services

With state-of-the-art CNC machines and professional mechanists in CNC turning services, Rebond can manufacture custom CNC turned parts in as fast as one day. We have been helping companies produce durable, high-quality parts for over 12 years.

How Does CNC Turning Work?

Our CNC turning services produce custom parts by holding a cutting tool against a rotating rod material, leaving a variety of features like radii and radial holes, threads, grooves, and slots can be created on the part. CNC turned parts typically have an excellent surface finish.

Material Options for CNC Turning Services

There are various rigid and stable materials are commonly used in CNC turning services: Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel, Steel, Brass, Titanium, Nylon, PMMA, ABS, PC, POM, PVC, etc. See the list of our plastic & metal material selection here to know more about the material used in CNC turning services. Please email us at if your desired material is not enlisted, we can source the special materials for you.

Advantages of CNC Turning Services

Parts made on the CNC lathe have the following advantages:

  • Least machining time per part (valid for only large batch size).
  • High level of dimensional control.
  • Perfect surface finish.
  • Ideal of producing production volumes of features like fillet etc.
  • Premier choice of making complex features like spherical cavities, deep grooves, shots,blind internal threads without undercut etc.
  • Much fast and accurate production.

Free Design Analysis from Rebond

With Rebond other precision CNC Machining, low-volume manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and a wide range of finishing service, we offer one-stop service, you can get high precision customized parts at competitive price, even up to 50% less than other alternative competitors. Upload your 3D CAD file for a free quote today for your next project, we can’t wait to discuss with you on our CNC turning services.