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Rebond NDA-Customers

Don’t worry, Rebond will keep your design content secure and private.

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Template of Inspection Report

Rigorous attention to quality assurance is part of the culture at Rebond.

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Material Choice Guide-Metal

We can purchase almost any metal material that you want. Please click Download Button to see our commonly-used metals for CNC machining or sheet metal forming at our facilities. We are happy to give you advice on the material.

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Material Choice Guide-Plastic

Materials look and behave differently, so your material choice affects your part’s performance characteristics. We can manufacture almost any plastics that can be sourced on the open market. See the below list of plastic we often used for CNC machining. Please do contact us if you need a specific material that does not show in the list.

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Injection Molded Plastic

As you select a material for injection molding, take the mechanical properties, cosmetic appearance, material applications, and cost into consideration. Below you will find the most commonly used materials. Please kindly contact us if you need a specific material, Rebond can work with any injection molded plastic your project requires.

Also, you can learn more from, an online website with a searchable database of material properties.

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Plastic Injection Mold Surface Finishes

Rebond team of expert provide enormous options of surface finishes to ensure the quality cosmetic look and touches. See the below list of surface standard for plastic injection mold. Please do contact us if you need a specific surface or textures.

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SPI Standard for Molding Parts

Learn more about the injection molding parts finishings in the download, let us know if you need the one not shown here.

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DIN-2768-1 Tolerance Standard For CNC Machining Parts

Tolerances are mainly affected by material properties, part wall thicknesses, design geometry. Generally, we apply DIN-2768-1-fine for CNC machining metals, DIN-2768-1-medium for CNC machining plastics as our achievable tolerance. Clients need list all needed manufacturing and technical specification in the 2D drawings in order for us to review and evaluate the manufacturability.

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Instructions on Sending the Enquiry

Getting Started- 6 things you need to know before sending the enquiry.

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