Technologies Needed In the Process of Rapid Prototyping China



Rebond Precision Machining Co.,Limited is the renowned provider of Rapid Prototyping China. We invest heavily in scientific management system to ensure the good quality of finished products from engineer review to shipment. We are committed to meeting your needs in every respect from initial design to finished product. Today we would like to share some technologies needed in the process of Rapid Prototyping China with you.


  1. Materials of Rapid Prototyping China

The materials are including Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper & etc. And we utilize a wide range of audited material suppliers and source that we can find on the open market.


  1. Precision Processing

The precision processing of Rapid Prototyping China are Drilling, Milling, CNC turning, Grinding, Wire cutting, EDM & etc which we can do the best as we have the most professional team.


  1. Applied Software 

There are a lot of software applied in the process of Rapid Prototyping China, they are PRO/E, Auto CAD, Solid Works , UG, CAD / CAM / CAE and so on.


  1. Surface Treatment and Finish

The surface treatment is done with nickel plating (or zinc plating and chrome plating) and the surface finish is done with anodize; polishing; zinc / nickel / chrome / gold plating, sand blasting, Phosphate coating & etc.


  1. Equipments needed

The equipments we will use in the process of Rapid Prototyping China are forging machine, CNC milling machine, meter lathes, automatic lathing machines, sand blasing machine, polishing machine, CNC turning machine and so on.


  1. Part Colors

The part colors are Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Oliver, Black, White & etc. And we can accept custom color that according to the requirements of the customers.


  1. Tolerance Precision

The precision tolerance of Rapid Prototyping China is from +/-0.005 to 0.02mm. And this also can be customized.


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