6 Things You Need to Know Before Sending The Enquiry

What information is necessary to get a rapid and competitive quote on a project? This is a question that clients are concerned, so today we are taking a closer look at this subject.

3D Drawings

CAD files are the first steps. We accept AMF, CGR, EPRT, HCG, HSF, IFC, IGS, IGES, PRT, PRTDOT, SAT, SLDLFP, SLDPRT, STP, STEP, VDA, WRL, XAML, X_B, X_T, 3DXML and 3D DWG file types for quotation.

2D Drawing

Some elements of design representation cannot be easily conveyed through CAD model alone. Below are some examples that we suggest you including as much as possible.

  • General dimensions– Size, location
  • General and local notes– Feature specifications (e.g. threads)
  • Surface qualities (finish, treatment)
  • Fits (quality of fits between mating parts)
  • Tolerance (size, form, location)


Material is deserved to choose carefully before you send us the request as it needs to take time, cost, environment, performance temperatures, weight requirements, and strength requirements into considerations.

Here are a few tips for good machined component design. They are not must-be-obeyed rules but suggestions to get a reasonable pricing.

  1. Dimensional tolerance holding is configuration and material dependent. Metals allow for parts of higher tolerance than plastics.
  2. Machined plastics do not have the similar stability as an identical metal component. Plastic components are influenced over the long term by many factors, including thermal change, moisture absorption, and UV aging.
  3. Designing parts to be suitable for Sheet Metal generally costs lower than machining plate or rod.
  4. Sheet metal parts can be formed into various shapes and can sustain simple or complex bends.
  5. If the required order volume is high, plastics costs much less expensive than metals.

Please click here to see our available materials list for prototyping or low-volume production.

We are confident that we can make your custom parts efficiently and cost-effectively with the correct material as we have hundreds of materials here. even if you are considering a material other than those listed, please call Rebond engineering at +86 769 81886675 or send emails to sales@rebondtech.com for specific design support.


Please inform us the quantity you require for each part in order for us to quote accordingly. Cost varies depending on the volume. Please consider the future order plan when you determine the quantity you want. The unit price goes down rapidly if the required quantity goes up because machine preparation (also called set-up) is required for each job and the average run time taken for multiples parts will be less than the time for one single part. For example, if the unit price for a single part is 50 $, five parts might only cost 120 $. Especially, the unit price decreases drastically for higher production like Injection Molding or Die Casting.

Surface finish

Rebond can apply a wide range of secondary finishing on your custom parts, including painting, anodizing, brushing, and polishing.

Take a more detailed look at our full list of  secondary finishing capabilities. The team at Rebond is highly experienced in not just making the parts, but also applying the process and are happy to help guide you through our process and finish selections to make sure you have the best parts.


We can match color found in Pantone or RAL. If you need any other color that RAL or Pantone does not list in their links, please submit pictures and the details of your request through our website quote form or via email sales@rebondtech.com, we’ll get back to you ASAP. Of cause, a physical sample is better for us to determine the color.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We are happy to guide you through our process to make sure you have the competitive quote given your priorities

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