Vacuum Casted Black UPX 5210 Artwork

Vacuum Casted Black UPX 5210 Artwork 2018-01-11T11:54:35+00:00

Project Description

Job Description

Product Name:  Vacuum Casted Black UPX 5210 Artwork

Processes: Vacuum Casting

Material: UPX 5210 ( the classic PMMA and PC substitute)

Material Details: Cosmetic appearance, high glossy

Surface Finish: Smooth

Quantity: 24 pieces

Lead Time: 5 days

Rapid Turnaround of Vacuum Casting Process

Vacuum Casting parts have a variety of applications and can often move a project to the next stage for final testing or short run production. Vacuum Casting parts can be shipped in 5-10 days. Please contact us if you need the Vacuum Casting parts, we can offer the vacuum Ccasting parts with end-user functionality and high-quality effects for you to do the market test or design evaluation.