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Project Description

Job Description

Product Name:  Painted SLA Racer Motorcycle Model

Processes: SLA

Material: Somos 14120

Material Details: ABS-like resin with extremely high water and moisture resistance, white color.

Surface Finish: Painting

Quantity: 5 pieces

Lead Time:  3 days

A Long History of 3D Print Excellence

Utilizing 3D printing to develop rapid prototypes gives you below benefits:

  • Test performance during the development stage much faster and less expensive than conventional manufacturing.
  • Save time and money by identifying design flaws and refining your products.
  • It is easier to create parts with complex geometries and precise internal features that cannot be achieved by traditional machining methods.
  • No hard tooling investment is needed when compared with plastic injection molding.

From design review and print to various surface finishing procedures, Rebond has the services you’re looking for. If you have a new SLA project, please contact us without hesitation, we are dedicated to meeting your needs as well as the highest industry standards of quality and workmanship.