Traveling to Dongguan Guide

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Dongguan is an important industrial and manufacturing base in China, one of the world’s busiest trading port with its high annual export.

The fastest and most convenient way to reach Dongguan is by ferry from Hongkong. As Dongguan City is located in the Pearl River Delta, China’s prosperous region with convenient transportation system, travelers can have easy access to Dongguan by bus or train from neighboring cities. Please contact us at +86 769 81886675 directly when you are ready to book your trip and we will help you choose the most convenient option based on your travel plans. Do remember call us once you arrive in Dongguan, we can pick you up and take you to Rebond or booked hotel.

Ferry Link:

Skypier at Hong Kong International Airport– Dongguan Humen

Recommend Hotels

There are many comfortable hotels here. However, most of our visiting customers prefer to stay in the Richwood Garden Hotel for its convenient location and good environment. We are happy to help you in making reservations, or giving you other recommendations. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. High Budget: Richwood Garden HotelParklane Hotel; Pullman Dongguan Chang’an
  2. Medium Budget: Vienna Classic Hotel (Dongguan Chang’an Xiandai)Lavande Hotel (Dongguan Chang’an Fuhu)
  3. Economical Budget: Willman HotelBolton Hotel.

You can find more hotels from 

Richwood Garden Hotel

Lavande Hotel (Dongguan Chang’an Fuhu)

Willman Hotel

Activity to Attend

Dragon Boat Racing is an important traditional activity in Dongguan. Every year during the Dragon Boat Festival (the fifth day of the fifth month on traditional Chinese calendar or some day in June on Gregorian calendar), there will be many dragon boats races in Dongguan City and its towns and villages, attracting crowds of local people and tourists. The event lasts about 15 days. Dragon Boat racing team from Dongguan has won many top prizes in such competitions held in China and overseas.

Places to Go

Humen Weiyuan Fort

Of all the relics, the highest recommended is Humen Weiyuan Fort, one of the best-preserved and largest former forts in China. Dongguan’s Opium War Museum is an AAAA National Scenic Area which features a comprehensive collection of historical materials related to the Opium War.

Ke Yuan

Ke Yuan is the most famous attraction in Dongguan. Built in 1850, Ke Yuan represents the garden style of the Lingnan area, which mainly covers the provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hainan. If you want to visit Ke Yuan, we are happy to help you.